Beth Lyn Ward

Another night of Shugga

Back at the watering hole…
The one and only Joe Mamas where many of Toronto’s best musicians come together. Through awesome soul music fused song by song, bands like the Grind and Shugga put on a seamless show.

Lets talk about the mood at the club for a second. This dimly lit room houses a long bar smack in the middle, with table seating on one side and standing bar room only on the other. With a fairly small capacity comfortably, often the place is over flowing with happy (an often buzz happy) people.

I do appreciate the ambiance of this place. Blown glass light fixtures keep the light enough so you’re not straining to see, thanks Joe Mamas.

Another important element to the overall experience is the projector at the back of the room. Old movies are played ranging from Farris Bueller to 90’s break dancing films. Always entertaining when you can’t see the band through the crowd.

Now, back to the music.

10pm to 2am is live rockin’ music. 3 sets around an hour long each. Typical, however…the calibre of talent is almost unmatched. Walk a few blocks to the club district and you get bad remixes and bass too loud you can’t hear yourself think. I get the scene but I choose not to participate. There is a time and place for electronic music but DJ’s in the downtown clubs abuse a lot of generic versions and simply add a few sirens or ‘wub wub wubs’. That’s not enough when you look at the talent in that genre breaking through right now.

No, I like my love music real. There is something about the chemistry between players that creates a vibe that MIDI just can’t. Soul R&B comes from a deeper place and watching Shugga play classics and still make my hair stand up is a testament to the quality we are talking about. How many cover bands have you seen that you thought…”you’re attempting this one?! Are you kidding? This is painful.

Yeah, picture the complete opposite and you get what I am watching and listening to right now.

Happy Saturday!

… Even with the snow, it’s worth the trek.



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