Beth Lyn Ward

Shugga at Mama’s House

Shugga: hip soul with swagger and a whole lotta sweet.

Here at Mama’s House (Joe Mama’s) with reggae music pumping through the speakers. Ambiance set and the room energy is ripe for what’s to come.

Mike Ferfolia is bringing the cool as the band opens with “Rock With You”. It’s amazing to watch this man at work. Right out of the gate he works the crowd and gets the room pumped. Not many artists in the city can do what Mike can with a mic and a kickass band.

Speaking of those professional pocket players… Sekou Lumumbra on drums, Calvin Bailey on bass, Michael Shand on keys and tonight- Giordan Postorino on guitar. This makes for a sick amount of talent to share the stage. A lot of these players can be found playing around the city at places like Bar Italia, Dazzling, AlleyKatz.. And many many more. Most people won’t recognize the names.. But you should… They are the real deal.

Anyway, back to the show.

Wireless miihttp://labelnotrequired.wordpress.comic’s make a world of difference. When you can grab people to dance or walk around and make it personal (like Mike is doing right now… ) you can connect with the people on such a deeper level. Oh and don’t get me started on that spectacular falsetto…mmmmm I love a man that can sing Katy Perry “Teenage Dream” in the same key and kill it. Amazing.

Man, it’s only the first set- I should chill.



Okay it’s just because talent needs to be recognized and respected. All you people that get dressed up nice and head out to the bars, if you get the opportunity to make it to one of these shows- consider yourself lucky. OPAH! Someone broke a glass, that’s the sign of a rockin’ party.

Basically, what I am saying is you gotta check this entire circle of musicians out. They are the pulse that is Toronto Music.

Next set I’ll actually review the show… Just had to get that out of my system.

Peace till set break.


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