Beth Lyn Ward


My Mission:

To foster the growth of the Canadian music industry by teaching artists and industry professionals how to better manage their business.

A Bit About Me:

My name is Beth Ward and I live for music; everything about it pushes and inspires me.

I was born, raised and currently reside in Toronto, Ontario.  I didn’t come from a musical family, or frankly,that creative of a family in general.  However, my parents always wanted us to experience life and are incredible supporters of what ever we pursue.  I attended alternative schools for elementary and middle school, which set me on an exploration of art, politics, sociology, nature and science.  The outside the box thinking and teaching gave me the opportunity to really begin expanding how to think and led me to the person I am today.   High school is where I truly started my love affair with art and culture.  I was first exposed to dance and immediately found a way to express myself through movement.  I began to crave other forms of art and began sketching and painting.   There were things I could do with a canvas that my body couldn’t.   Visual art became my personal thoughts and it is more of a mirror of myself.  My diary is my sketch book as much as the paintings on the walls in my apartment.

Throughout my life Ihave struggled to learn how to create and play music. The first instrument I can remember learning was the clarinet, in the Center 55 Jazz Band in grade 4.  I had the most incredible teacher, but clarinet just wasn’t the instrument for me.   I tried upright bass in Grade 5 and struggled with the giant instrument up and down the school stairs twice a week.   Finally, middle school came and so did the guitar.   Simple strumming patterns to old folk songs finally inspired me to stick with it.  In high school I got to take a beginner guitar class and started to learn more about music theory, reading and technique.  Unfortunately, our teacher went on maternity leave and the sub was… well, subpar.  This was a catalyst to taking focus away from music and being incredibly discouraged.  It wasn’t until a couple years after high school when I decided to attempt to learn an instrument, again.   This time – electric bass.    My end goal is to return to my roots, now that I am bigger I want to play the upright bass.

This on and off again struggle is what drives my passion for the industry.

Five years ago, I decided that I needed to take my knowledge in a different direction.   I realized thatI didn’t have to be the artist in everything.   I could take my passion for music and turn it into a business.     I attended the Harris Institute for the Arts where I was taught all facets of the industry.  I completed the Recording Arts Management Diploma with honours and began networking around Toronto.

Since then I have worked with bands, solo artists, small businesses, self employed people, festivals, conferences and shows.  I’ve worked in publicity, promotion, management, live events, booking and sponsorship.

I even did my stint as a ‘tour mama’ (tour manager).

Now, I am focused on five areas that I can most benefit my clients.

| Strategy & Consulting | Administration & Organization | Artist Development | Booking & Promotion | Event & Stage Management |

I may not be a musician (yet!) but I do know how creative and business minds work.   I can take the tasks that make you cringe and make them manageable.   Each situation/project is different and I cater all of my knowledge to your personal needs.  If you’d like to chat and get a quote, I’d love to hear from you.

Email, tweet, Fb message, text, phone call…I’m around.


-Beth Lyn Ward


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