Beth Lyn Ward

Administration and Organization

Working on a grant application and can’t find any of your hi-res photos?    Constantly searching through bins of paper for contracts to submit your SOCAN performance updates?  Sick and tired of never knowing where anything is? Tax time again?

I specialize in taking chaos and turning it into a functioning system, specifically for creative minded people.    When I say excel, filing cabinet or accounting…anxiety and frustration tend to be overwhelming.

However, it is a giant part of your daily routine and is critically to your success in this business.    If you do get that grant you have been desperately trying to get to make your record…well guess what?  A year later, you are having to submit all (and I mean ALL) of your receipts, invoices, schedules, cheque stubs..etc, just to get your money back.   No system?   What would have taken a week, 19 pots of coffee and your house being flipped upside down, could take a few hours and be 100% more accurate.

Help is on it’s way, friend!  Basically, I am here to clean up your business and make productivity/efficiency easy.    More often than not, the problem is simply not being able to get away from old habits.    How do I correct that, you ask?

I approach every new system as an extension of the person using it.

I look at your bad habits and turn them into strengths.

I consult and brainstorm with you about what you need out of this system.

I follow up with you a week after the system is running to see what is working and what is not, to make sure you stay on track.

So if you are up to your eyeballs both digitally and/or physically, I am here to rescue you.

Contact me and we will get on this immediately.


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