Beth Lyn Ward


“I have worked with Beth Lyn Ward since 2008.  Over the course of the last four years, she has proven time and again what an invaluable resource she is – as an assistant/contract worker/ part-time manager/bookkeeper/online marketer/jill of all trades.  I have found Beth to be reliable, straightforward, efficient, more than able to meet a deadline, self-directive, eloquent, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right.  I would have absolutely zero difficulty in recommending Beth for any employment opportunity, but I think she particularly shines when it comes to helping the small business person/independent artist achieve their goals and stay organized.  Beth is also well able to handle any stresses that might surface, and is an exceptionally kind and understanding individual.  I am more than happy to speak to anyone who would like to know more about Beth and the incredible work she does.  I am so excited for her to start her new freelance enterprise helping artists and arts-based entrepreneurs realize their goals.  If you’ve ever looked at your to-do list and wondered why it keeps on being to-don’t, just ask Beth to help you.  You won’t be disappointed.”

 –Treasa Levasseur

“She was the best assistant I have had in the last 20 years. For  20 months she worked beside me, she coped with just about every possible vagary that can occur with a small one-man publicity business. She’s done the banking, written press releases, organized an on-line presence, helped organize showcase rooms at music conferences (the first one more than two years ago in Memphis), created mailing lists, answered my mail, held our clients’ hands (and even road managed one of them), done the settlements at shows, and ­– most mornings – brought coffee as well.

She types like a wizard, kept my books up to date, sorted out my computer glitches, she maintained a 5,000-name data base, she booked my travel (and that of some of our clients), and she put up with a sometimes grumpy guy with tact, diplomacy and a lot of skill.  I have every single confidence in this woman. She is cheerful, smart, self-confident (but never cocky), takes the initiative when it needs to be taken, plays well with others, knows the music business, and she works her butt off.

You should hire this woman.”

-Richard Flohil (Richard Flohil & Associates)

“I needed a website that functioned properly and looked clean and professional.   Beth delivered.   Within a week my website was up and running beautifully.  She was very open to my needs and is an absolute joy to work with.”

-Kelly Fanson (Fancypants Productions)

“Beth has designed some of the best promotional material I have ever had.   She took my vision and created a piece that was beautiful and professional.   Even under incredible time constraints, she shines!”

-Megan Worthy (Pianist/Singer/Independent Artist)


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