Beth Lyn Ward


Being a professional musician can be incredibly time consuming if you are independent (and who isn’t these days!).   I have a wide range of techniques and services that will help keep you on track for your album release, book that small town tour you’ve been talking about or simply build your fan base.    There are a lot of elements to the “package” of your art that is far from creative.   These are the tasks that I have spent time learning, updating and applying to everyday musicians lives.

The area’s that I can offer guidance and my services are:

Strategy and Consulting | Administration and Organization | A&R and Branding | Booking and Promotion | Event and Stage Management |

I realize that most independent artists and small business owners don’t have the money to hire someone else to do these tasks.  Even if they did, could they be sure that the right thing is going to the public?  My system is very simple.

I will teach you what I know.    I am all about spreading the wealth of knowledge and often, all you need is a push in the right direction.    Every situation is different and every project has strengths and weaknesses and it is my job to identify and use these to your advantage.   Because I come from a place of instruction and not decision making, you will never lose control.    You will also save some much needed dough, since my packages are based on hourly teaching and not however long it takes me.

Contact me for how I can help you and receive a quote on your project.   I’d love to hear from you and help you get to the next level.

Beth Lyn Ward


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