Beth Lyn Ward

Strategy and Consulting

When it comes to your musical career, some decisions can be daunting. What do you do if your shows ticket sales aren’t high enough? How do you plan a memorable CD release party so that people will be talking about it for months? Who do you contact in the media and how do you get interviews? Questions like these are important. We offer guidance and answers to some of the most difficult industry questions. Through experience, education and networks, we have a proven track record for providing exactly what you may need for your personal situation. Consulting always begins with a brief correspondence (generally through email or over the phone) so that we can better asses your needs and who you are as an artist. Everyone that comes to us, whether established or just starting out are equally important. Artist development happens at all stages and is beneficial on many levels of your business.


*Marketing *Promotions *Goal Setting *Media Contacts *New Media *Image *Performance *Networking *National and College Radio *CD Release Parties *Booking *Copyright and Legal *Festivals *Interviews *Biographies and Websites *Fan Interaction *Press Photos *Touring and Travel * and more…


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